• Paul Smith

    "It was great learning with Duncan. I had some previous driving experience, and Duncan made it very easy to get back up to speed by being patient and putting me at ease.

    He made sure that we covered all the important test routes and hazards, and made sure I felt confident on my manoeuvres."
  • Angela Tinney

    "I was really nervous about learning to drive, as I was older than the average learner and had absolutely no clue about cars. But Duncan makes you feel totally at ease and explains everything really well, encouraging questions and discussion about where you’re going wrong so that you can then work on it. 

    He's always calm and patient - even when you buckle a tyre! He didn't just teach me how to get through the test but how to become a safe and independent driver. Don't know how he managed it but I now feel confident enough to get into a car on my own and get out there and drive."
  • Dean Gray

    “Duncan is a very professional, understanding and patient driving instructor. Duncan takes learning at the students’ level which helps build your confidence. Duncan has a great sense of humour too.

    Thank you Duncan for all your hard work in transforming me into a confident first time pass driver!”
  • Lauren Walker

    "Duncan was a very pleasant driving instructor to have. He had very helpful tips to follow whenever I found something hard to learn.

    He's a patient person and goes at a pace that suites you, which makes you at ease in the car and confident in your driving. He's also a good laugh which makes you enjoy your time learning to driving more."
  • Sarah Engel

    "Before I started my lessons with Duncan I had no confidence in myself when it came to driving. And I must say he was great with me. He had lots of patience and was amazing at making me feel confident at it.

    I had a great time learning to drive with him and managed to pass first time (although I was a bag of nerves on the day of the test). So I would recommend Duncan to anyone who want to drive with confidence!"
  • Atif Javaid

    "Duncan's method of instructing new drivers is safe, reliable and easy to learn, he's punctual, well organised and very professional.

    I personally enjoyed my driving experience with Duncan and highly recommend him to all the new drivers out there eager to learn. "

Welcome to Learn 2 Drive Glasgow

At 'Learn 2 Drive Glasgow' I aim to provide quality driver training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  I strive to tailor a learning programme to suit your individual requirements in line with Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency guidelines.

So whether you have just turned 17 years old and desperate to learn a new life skill, or are an established driver looking to brush up on the old, 'Learn 2 Drive Glasgow' is the answer for you.

I understand that you may have had bad experiences in the past, or may be unsure about making any big commitments, so I am happy to offer an introductory 2-hour lesson at 1/2 the usual price - £30.00 for a 2 hour lesson (T/C's apply).

So what are you waiting for?  Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your individual requirements and training packages tailored to your needs.

Duncan Cairns
DVSA Approved Driving Instructor 


G1, G2, G5, G40, G41, G42, G43, G44, G45, G46, G51, G52, G52, G73 AND G76.

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